Winter Fishing Lake Powell with Capt. Bill 11-23-14




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Winter 2014 Fly Rod Fishing Lake Powell

Winter fly fishing can be rewarding on Powell but it takes work and perseverance with the patience of finicky trout in shallow water. There is no chumming in the winter and the different water levels of each season make for an interesting hunt to land a striper on a fly. I look forward to the challenge every year for myself as winter provides few clients but the few who do give it a go have a fantastic trip on the pristine lake with no winter traffic to cloud there day. If passing this way and thinking you want to catch little trout on the river ” which is a unique trip in its self ” maybe you should try a salt water experience to satisfy that chance at a quarry that has snapped two of my 7 & 8 wt. fly rods this month alone ! .

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Happy Thanksgiving


Capt. Bill

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