Our Rates & Cancellation Policy

Professionally Guided Fishing Tours on Lake Powell

Our rates are based on weight and limited to 4 – 6 anglers 1/2 or 3/4 day maximum on all trips. but please discuss your needs. Children must be 8 years of age or older. Please declare any physical limitations of yourself or any in your party . It is VERY IMPORTANT to prevent any last minute surprises for the Captain, as they need to be prepared in order to plan ahead for your best days experience.

Fishing Menu

Currently booking for  1/2 days only – Best fishing early a.m. 

  1. (Option 1) Conventional Fishing – 1-2 Anglers $575.00  Minimum  – 5 hours additional anglers $75 each (water, ice & cooler and water provided ) Maximum 3 Anglers only  – Lunch not provided                                                                      
  2. (Option 2) Conventional Fishing – Maximum 3 anglers – 1-2 Anglers $775.00 – 6 hours (Spring – Fall & Winter only)  – Additional $75 each angler – Lunch not provided 
  3. (Option 3) Bait Fishing only maximum 4 anglers 5 hours- $575 1 or 2 anglers additional anglers $75 – 6 hours $775.00 1-2 anglers and $75 additional anglers.
  4. (Option 4) 1-2 Anglers $850.00 – 8 – hours -Please call to discuss with Capt. Bill for Full Day rates 928-606-0933

i     4.  Flyfishing – Maximum 2 anglers  – 1/2 day or  6 hours and full day rates available -5 hours $775 and 6 hours $875.

Additional Trip Notes:

  • Black Soled shoes or boots are not permitted on the boat due to the marks that are left
  • We do not permit dogs on board due to National Park Service Regulations – We have several referrals for you for dog sitting just give us a call
  • A surcharge for fuel may apply with Lake Powell Experience but will be discussed with your Guide prior to the trip.  This may be due to conditions for fishing to provide a best quality trip for the angler.
  • Lunches are not provided but water is always on board along with an ice chest- BYOB Beer & Soda.
  •  maximum 2 beers per person on board. No exceptions.
  • Houseboats and Spike camps  Extended Fishing Charter for the serious anglers (75 – 100 miles round trip) – Call for current  pricing.  An increased surcharge applies depending on number of anglers and guests (maximum 4)  Private Treaty

Private and Corporate day rates on extended houseboat or camping trips to be private treaty, so call and discuss your needs as we need to share our 40 years to protect and save your experience and ours as well.

Surcharges :

Any extended request for longer than the usual 1/2 day charter 30 miles may require extra fuels at marina rates.

Additional Information

Both States allow either Utah or Arizona Fishing License for your trip to Lake Powell as they are reciprocal with each other.  If you are an Arizona resident, you don’t need a Utah stamp.  You can obtain your license on your phone.  All licenses will be check prior to boarding for your trip.

Arizona: Visit https://www.azgfd.com/Fishing/   

Utah: Visit https://wildlifelicense.utah.gov/hflo/main/serv1/index.html?server=serv1

On the Lake? :  Call Toll Free: 800-221-0659

Here is what we provide –  Your Fishing Menu:

  • Twin engine 300 hp 24′ Center Console, 300 hp twin engine 23 ft Walk Around, fully safety equipped. Ship to shore radios, Life jackets, First aid Air response location.
  • Both boats are fish ready with conventional tackle , baits and terminal tackle. Imported baits at cost if used in excess of one pound, Anchovy, Sardine, Squids.
  • Fly fishing rods and reels are not furnished. Tackle and clients experience should be discussed with your guide before booking for your trip. Bill’s expertise and yours is important for success.
  • You should lightly pack for the current weather and experience on the water.
  • $100 per hour for extra hours requested by clients if scheduling permits. Clients fishing license and gratuities not included.
  • If available, transportation to and from Airport, Lodging, round trip Page to Antelope point Marina. $50.00.

Fees and Permits – Department of Interior Glenn Canyon

Entrance Fees – Weekly

  • Annual Pass $80.00
  • 1-7 Day Vehicle Entrance $30.00 – Admits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers
  • 1-7 Day Motorcycle Entrance $25.00 – Admits one single, private, non-commercial motorcycle and its riders.
  • 1-7 Day Individual Entrance $15.00 – Admits one individual when entering on foot or bicycle. Individuals 15 years of age and younger are admitted free.
  • 1-7 Day Boating Entrance $30.00 – Admits one single private vessel. If a Senior Pass is presented at time of purchase, the boat entrance fee is $15.00 and good for 1-7 Days.
  • 1-7 Day Boating Entrance additional vessel $30.00 – Admits one single private vessel on the same trailer as a vessel paying full entry fees

Cancellation Policy:  Effective as of January 2024

All customers receive this Cancellation Policy via email and is posted – All cancellations currently due to COVID-19 travel restrictions or any Government National Park shutdown, Ambassador Guides  will allow a 1 year extension on making up the trip; no refund will be issued.    Ambassador Guides is not liable for any monetary or physical losses due to natures unforeseen circumstances of Inclement Weather will follow the Cancellation Policy no exceptions.   A tracking of the email is kept on file with Ambassador Guides.   Your cancellation policy is required to be signed and sent back prior to the trip as otherwise it will be cancelled.  We are required by NPS to have this on file. 

  • All refunds for illness on the part of Ambassador Guides will be refunded for the fishing trip only. All refunds for any mechanical breakdowns will be refunded on a pro-rated basis if breakdown occurs past the 1/2 day mark on full day charter only.  There are no refunds for inclement weather/water conditions that can arise in the Southwest. If no launch is made, a 1 year credit with deposit will be applied only.  A full refund of your deposit for cancellation notices of 30 days or more prior to departure will be applied and sent within 90 days of cancellation notice.  If less than 30 days, another launch date will be arranged and honored for 1 year from cancellation date and no refund on the deposit only unless we are able to fill that date and then we would do a “full refund” deposit only. For trips booked on a short notice of 72 hours or less, there is no refund on deposit for cancellation changes at the customer’s request unless we are able to fill the date.  The balance of the trip will be charged as well unless the date does get filled.
  • Customers fishing and “ride-alongs” are liable for any lost or damaged equipment owned by Ambassador Guides and also responsible to “pay” for any bait used at fair market price.  Customers are not liable for normal wear and tear or failure of equipment provided by Ambassador Guides & Outfitters.  Customers are required to have and acknowledge either “Vacation Insurance” or “Acknowledge Ambassador Guides not liable for inclement water and weather disturbances and/or product failure or misstep on the clients carelessness.
  • Gift Certificates are honored for up to 1 year from purchase date and are NON-Refundable. Call for details. Due to the unpredictable fuel costs, a surcharge will apply and will be discussed prior to your trip for 15 miles or further from launch. There will be no chargebacks on the Credit Card for cancellations.  All refunds will be applied within 30 days of cancellation notice.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American express accepted.

All major credit cards accepted