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Page, Arizona

Named as Arizona’s first AZSAFE+CLEAN City

With 2000 miles of shoreline at high pool, Lake Powell offers quality fishing for the Fly Fisherman or conventional Fisherman  March through December.   Our local species encompass Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Crappie.

Lake Powell Map - Padre Bay area

The two marinas on this end of the Lake are Lake Powell Resorts and Antelope Point Marina.  The State Line boat launch and Antelope Point Marina launch are both 9 miles from Page, AZ.

Both marinas offer Houseboats for your experience at Lake Powell.  Lake Powell gives the angler a “step back in time” with its beautiful canyon walls and it’s majestic beauty.   With over 1 million visitors from all over the world each year, it is surely a trip you will enjoy.

We offer visitors to the Page area and local residents an opportunity to check their E-mail, surf the Internet or transfer their digital pictures to CD.

Contact Information for some of the local businesses:

Stix Bait & Tackle
5 South Lake Powell Boulevard
Page, Az 86040
(928) 645-2891

AZ Game & Fish Licenses (also Utah Licenses & Stamps) & Tackle. Owners: Mike & Thea Stickler.

Want a Side Trip for the Family?

Antelope Canyon Tours, Jeep Tours, Helicopter Tours

Visit the Chamber Page Lake Powell

Offering a wide variety of Tours in the area


Navajo owned tour business offers Native American Guides to visit Antelope Canyons   This trip is designed for the adventurous, all done in a 4 wheel vehicle to see some of the most majestic canyon walls that has drawn visitors from all over the world year after year.  Photography is a must, so bring your camera to capture your canyon tour here at Lake Powell.  The trip to Antelope Canyon is  a one of a kind, “memory for a lifetime” adventure not to be missed.  Book your trip today while visiting Lake Powell.

Here are the most up to date records for Lake Powell, courtesy of our friend Wayne Gustaveson, Utah Fish and Game Biologist.   Check out his website at


*Utah Records

Largemouth Bass* 1974 10-2 24 Sam LaManna Warm Creek
Smallmouth Bass 2001 5-6 19 Eric Inman Lone Rock Wahweap
Striped Bass 1991 48-11 45 Travis Jenson San Juan Wilson Crk.
Black Crappie* 2009 3-5 18.5 James Maack Escalante
Bluegill 1970 1-8 ? ? ?
Green Sunfish 1996 0-14.7 10 Ed Goitia Rock Creek
Channel Catfish 1966 24-0 ? ? Above Hite
Northern Pike 1994 20-8 42 Lloyd Knuckles No. Wash
Tiger Muskie 2003 24-0 44 Trisha Killmer Warm Creek
Rainbow Trout 1976 16-11 ? ? Wahweap Bay
Brown Trout 1970 17-0 ? Mary Smith Wahweap Bay
Carp* 1993 32-0 ? Cougar Elfervig Bullfrog Bay
Walleye 1991 9-15 28 Lannie Sitterud 2 Mile Cyn
Gizzard Shad 2008 2-8 20 Zac Stansberry Hansen Creek
October 1976 Marvin Elkins 5-0 Slick Rock
July 1977 John Hargrove 6-6 Ribbon Cyn.
April 1978 William Peck 9-8 Lake Canyon
December 1978 Greg Nichols 11-8 Bullfrog Bay
September 1980 Gus Hanaoka 17-7 Narrows Padre
October 1980 Mike Stewart 21-8 Warm Creek
September 1981 Joe Hazlett 21-8 Warm Creek
September 1981 Glen Higgins 21-9 Slick Rock
April 1982 John Newburn 28-6 Padre Bay
May 1982 Warner 31-6 Wahweap Bay
July 1983 Roch Rhinehart 31-7 West Canyon
December 1983 Dwayne Lowdermilk 36-6 Lake Canyon
August 1985 Ron Kublicki 36-8 Glen Canyon Dam
April 1986 Dan Long 36-10 Dangling Rope
January 1987 Liz Reitz 39-12 Hall’s Creek
October 1987 Dwayne Watson 39-6 Rock Creek
October 1989 Bill Hook 40-0 Sheep Canyon
November 1990 Fred Paulson 40-2 Trachyte Cnyn.
May 1991 David Clayton 41-10 NGS Intake
May 1991 Walt & Lyman Wright 42-2 Padre Bay
June 1991 Travis Jenson 48-11 Wilson Creek