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Lake Powell Fishing October 20, 2019 by Capt. Bill

Current fishing conditions are a 50/50 toss up on stripers. One day we are catching alot and the next day (zero). Small & largemouth early morning top water and trolling has produced some nice fish 1-3 lbs. The fish are the bonus as this is the best time to see and experience the quest and the grandeur of Lake Powell. A majestic Lake. A few pics from my trip Wednesday!   Tight Lines, Capt. Bill

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 9-30-15

  A nice catch and great fishing day Sept. 26, 2015 fishing with Capt. Bill and Ambassador Guides & Outfitters, Inc. Fishing Report by Capt. Bill – early starts are best and full day if possible and get out to the cooler waters.  Water temps should start to cool down and we should be in for some awesome fishing.  Today we fished early and had a great catch – lots of fish and good sizes.    Photo caption:  Matt Redfield found great striper fishing after Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report June 10, 2015 by Wayne Gustaveson

   Matt P. from AZ fishing with Ambassador Guides & Outfitters 6-8-15 1 of 14 fish caught Lake Powell Fish Report – June 10, 2015 Lake Elevation: 3602 Water Temperature 71 – 75 F The unusual year of fisheries expectations continues.  The big news is that striped bass females caught yesterday still have not spawned.  That should not be too surprising since the daytime temperatures and weather resemble late April more than early June.  It is raining and cool today as this report is written. Female stripers need Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson April 22, 2015

    Wayne Gustaveson displays a fat striped bass and a walleye. Both fish were caught at noon while trolling and casting in 20 feet of water. Expect fishing success for all species to improve as the water temperature climbs consistently into the 60 degree range during May. Lake Powell Fish Report – April 22, 2015 2015 Lake Elevation: 3590.5 Water Temperature 59 – 65F Weather in the southwest continues to be mild. At Lake Powell nights are cool and days warm enough to make Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Capt. Bill April 11, 2015

Another #hookedonsmiles Rock Springs, WY Some Walleye are being picked off in the mud lines usually fishing for Smallmouth. Smallies are spawning now and it’s a good chance of landing some hefty fish and a good rule of thumb for us is to just keep the deep hooked fish that end up bleeding but return the rest. That’s 6000 fish your killing just to satisfy our palate !””. Stripers confused in some places but some are moving to main channel to spawn but not a Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report April 4, 2015 – Capt. Bill McBurney

  Tiffany , WY 4-3-15 One of our #hookedonsmiles Stripers are spotty with Spring weather as water temps fluctuate5-7 degrees depending on winds and cooler nights and days.  If you are spot on any given day, fish can be caught.  I do not expect them to move out toward open water until May.  Time and anchovie fishing will be a wait and see. Smallmouth will be the “go to fish” with any regularity and they have come through the winter adding some weight as well. Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 3-28-15 by Capt. Bill McBurney

Lake Powell Elevation:  3591.04 Water temps will be staying in the 60’s this coming week and by mid April smallmouth and largemouth will be on the nest.  Stripers are wanting to move but the report out of Utah officials has them staying in the backs of Canyons all year at Lake Powell.  I believe some will but the triggering effect to spawn which means out in the Colorado Channel and better bait fishing by May hopefully.  Get your booking in for some great fishing coming Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Forecast Fishing Report – Capt. Bill 2-7-15

Ron Larson’s “Vistas & Visions of the Colorado Plateau” tonight @ the Powell Museum, reception 6p-8p. Don’t miss the grand opening @ 6 N. Lake Powell Blvd Lake Powell Elevation: 3593.31 Stripers on long range full day trips are best bet this early spring. Jig-Troll-Spin-Fly. With warmer winter we should see our fishing bust out strong this spring. This week temps in he 60’s.   Map of projected spawning this Spring: http://fishing.scout.com/story/1494392-when-do-largemouths-spawn-on-your-waters?s=197&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=CPC&utm_term=WHEN+DO+LARGEMOUTHS+SPAWN+ON+YOUR+WATERS%3F&utm_campaign=Fishing+Marketing Glen Canyon Report: This notification confirms that the release volume from Glen Canyon Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report – by Capt. Bill McBurney 1-19-15

Either fly The lake has very little traffic and you can explore “hunt” the backs of all the coves and canyons.  The chance for a “whopper” has increased.  The catch can be “nil” at times but for me it’s the hunt and the quiet and a lot more wildlife and sight seeing too. Fly fishing, trolling and structure casting are the few of many approaches with bait fishing starting usually in the spring.  Take advantage of our 10% off early booking for Spring today.  Just Read More +

Winter Fishing Lake Powell with Capt. Bill 11-23-14

  SUMMER 2014 Winter 2014 Fly Rod Fishing Lake Powell Winter fly fishing can be rewarding on Powell but it takes work and perseverance with the patience of finicky trout in shallow water. There is no chumming in the winter and the different water levels of each season make for an interesting hunt to land a striper on a fly. I look forward to the challenge every year for myself as winter provides few clients but the few who do give it a go have a Read More +