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Lake Powell Fish Report – June 28, 2016

Lake Powell Tagged Walleye contest begins July 1st. Catch a tagged walleye and win prizes. Lake Elevation: 3619 Water Temperature: 79F – 83F By: Wayne Gustaveson http://www.wayneswords.com Lake Powell came up another 3 feet since the last report. All fish seem to like the rising water but changing conditions are making fishing better at some locations and not as good at others. Here is the most recent fishing schedule for midlake Bullfrog / Halls and upstream: From first light until the sun hits the water Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing report by Wayne Gustaveson April 29, 2015

    There are three photos today. One shows Wayne Gustaveson holding a few of the walleye caught yesterday. The next shows a green tube jig tipped with a piece of night crawler. Walleye like the taste of live worm and it helps to have a worm on the hook to get the bite. The last picture shows a close up of a walleye being landed with that green tube in its mouth.   Lake Powell Fish Report – April 29, 2015 Lake Elevation: 3590.2 Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 5-22-14

  Photo:  Briann Reeves, caught a 9-pound striped bass fishing with bait in the main channel near Buoy 3.  Bait fishing is still working lake wide for striped bass while walleye and bass fishing success is steadily improving each day.   Lake Elevation: 3583 Water Temperature 62-65 F Lake Powell is rising.  The lake looks refreshed as water is now covering vegetation that has grown along the shoreline.  The rejuvenation is needed as low water over the past two years has changed how fish do Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 5-13-14

Photo:  Sharon Hunt, Spring Valley AZ, spend a week fishing Lake Powell and caught a mixed bag of walleye, stripers, bass and crappie.  May is the best time to catch a variety of fish.Cool spring temperatures have delayed  the best fishing which will now occur the last two weeks of May.  Lake Elevation: 3580 Water Temperature 57-65 F The good news is that lake elevation is now high enough to wet the Castle Rock Cut.  Water is not yet deep enough to allow boats to Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 5-06-14

Photo caption:  Dan Kennedy, Spanish Fork UT, found good crappie fishing near Bullfrog by searching the floating tumbleweeds in the backs of canyons.  Brush is out of the water until the lake comes up more so for now look for floating cover to find both crappie and largemouth bass. Finding fish in Lake Powell is always an incredible adventure. Lake Elevation: 3578 Water Temperature 59-69 F May is here and water temperature is in the 60s which means spring fishing is at its best.  Cold Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 4-30-14

Photo: Vikki Berrera, Phoenix AZ, displays a nice walleye caught near Moki Canyon in April.  Walleye fishing will get even better in May  Tip the plastic jig with a live worm to target walleye Lake Elevation: 3577 Water Temperature 56-60 F Great News!  The cold wind that has been blowing non-stop is going to soon be gone. Lake temperature has dropped back down to 56 degrees in the mornings but it rises to 60 by evening. That has slowed bass and crappie spawning.  Looks like Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 4-22-14

Photo Caption: Alex Lafage, Mont de Marsan, France, caught a huge largemouth bass in Wahweap Bay on his first fishing trip to Lake Powell. He caught the bass casting a Sebille Flatt Shad near Wahweap marina.   Lake Elevation: 3575 Water Temperature 59-64 F Lake Powell water level continues to increase.  Water temperature is climbing as well. As this report is written water temperature is at 60 degrees in the morning and climbs during the day unless a strong wind mixes the shallow surface water Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 3-31-14 by Wayne Gustaveson

March 31, 2014 Lake Elevation: 3575 Water Temperature 51-55 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Here is a quick early report as I am going to be gone the rest of the week. Stripers continue to be the most readily caught fish in the lake.  Some walleye, bass and crappie have been taken but not in large numbers.  Catching these other species will improve with warming but cold nights and windy afternoons are keeping the lake temperature down.  So until we have more warm calm days Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne’s Words June 4, 2013

Hall of fame baseball player Fred  Lynn had a 3-day Lake Powell trip with major league fishing for largemouth (pictured), smallmouth bass, stripers and walleye. All fish were caught casting with hard baits and soft plastics between Good Hope Bay and Iceberg Canyon. Lake Powell Fish Report – June 4, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3599 Water Temperature 69-74 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Big Changes! Lake level is slowly rising but that is not as important as the rise in water temperature. During May the surface temperature Read More +