Lake Powell 9-13-10

Bob & Don Tucson 9-13-10 ~ 16 lB Striper   Guest caught this 16 lb and a 7 lb on anchovies today.  Their  4 hr take was 25  fish all robust Healthy Stripers.   Bait fishing will be “the best” you can expect this Fall.  I am currently seeing average 2-7 lb fish but then we are seeing some of the “big daddy’s”.  I expect this to keep up.  If you want fish for the Winter ~ You need to get up and get some fishing Read More +

Lake Powell 9-03-10

      The best fishing is currently up Lake about 40 miles.  We are seeing sizable fish and good action.  I am recommending a 1/2 day trip 5 hours dock to dock.  Full days currently are not very productive as you will see the bite go down after 4 hours and that can be frustrating for the avid angler.  Here are some recent photos of this week and last week.   

Lake Powell Fishing Report -09-01-10

Two distinct patterns are now in place making it much easier for anglers to find stripers. Striped bass adults are hungry for shad that hide in the backs of coves and canyons.  Shad are shallow and stripers are deep, guarding the migration route leading to the shad sanctuary.  Stripers are found by graphing the submerged creek channel leading to the back of most short coves. Consistent holding depth for striper schools is 40-60 feet.   My search pattern involves graphing the breaking edge of the Read More +

Lake Powell Fish Report 8-24-10

Am Ambassador Guides Clients Mike & Family 8-24-10 Annual Houseboating Fishing Trip           Lake Powell Fish Report   By: Wayne Gustaveson                         August 25, 2010     By: Wayne Gustaveson                         August 25, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3635                Water Temperature 77-80 F Lake Powell Fish Report By: Wayne Gustaveson August 25, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 77-80 F The main lake fishery is evolving once more. There is still a separation of shad from the striped bass population but that separation is working Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 8-18-10

  By: Wayne Gustaveson                         August 18, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3636                Water Temperature 78-82 F   Adult stripers are now separated from shad forage in the main lake.  Predation from all game fish has been intense and very effective for the past two months.   What shad are left have moved shallow into the warmest water with brush where adult stripers cannot effectively follow. Small yearling stripers still chase shad on the surface each morning and evening but large boils are confined to the inflow areas and Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report August 4, 2010

  By: Wayne Gustaveson                         August 4, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3636                Water Temperature 80-84 F   Stripers and shad are in transition mode again. “Slurps”, where stripers casually eat tiny shad and ignore most angler offerings, are coming to an end. Shad have grown some, but more importantly stripers have ranged a bit closer to shore and found larger forage to eat. Size of shad found in striper stomachs has doubled in a week’s time. These larger shad are harder for stripers to corner and catch.  Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 7-28-10

          By: Wayne Gustaveson                         July 28, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3636                Water Temperature 82-87 F The best feeding period is the last two hours of daylight.  On calm evenings it is possible to catch 10-25 surface feeding stripers. If the pesky afternoon wind blows there are not a lot of fish caught.    Expect to see quick little pods of 5-10 stripers busting the surface and then going right back down.  If the schools are larger or the small school comes back Read More +

Warm Water Temperatures Bring Changes to Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Lake Elevation: 3,637 msl Water Temperature 82-87 F PAGE, Ariz. — Lake elevation has stabilized and water temperature is at its peak for the summer. It was 84 degrees this morning at sunrise. These factors allow sport fish to settle into a pattern without responding to water level changes. Occasional monsoon cloud bursts are taken in stride without lasting impact. The water is warmer than most fish prefer sending most deeper during the heat of the day. Young Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing 7-18-10

    Lake Level 3637.99 Water Temp: 80-85 Been  fishing  quite a bit and stripers are best found this month by cruising to locate schools that are constantly moving. This being what I call the 10 year cycle for larger fish in the slurping stage that normally would be the 1-2 lb. schoolies as the nights begin to cool in August.  You will be able to spot feeding fish a 1/2 mile away in the mornings.  Right now fishing can be excellent on the fly and Read More +