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Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne’s Words 7-11-13

Photo Caption:  Brayden Hansen, Mayfield UT, covered up to get out of the sun while fishing for boiling stripers in Bullfrog Bay. Brayden and family caught  stripers on top each moring and evening. Stripers are boiling from the San Juan all the way to Good Hope Bay. The weather is hot but so is the fishing. Lake Powell Fish Report – July 10, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3598 Water Temperature 78-83 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Lake Powell fishing strategy is determined by shad size and abundance.  Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5-22-12

Photo caption: Brian Myers from Colorado took some friends fishing in Good Hope Bay. They found fishing to be great for smallmouth bass. Stripers are spawning this week and only being caught at night. That will change as boils are predicted to begin in June.   Lake Powell Fish Report ­ May 22 2012 Lake Elevation: 3636 Water Temperature 70-75 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   We did a tour of the recent hot spots and found fish holding in the same spots as last week. Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5-15-12

Photo:  Ryan Mosley and Lowell Marthe, Dutch John UT, caught a mixed bag of species while fishing Lake Powell.  Here they hold stripers and walleye but they also caught crappie and smallmouth in abundance. It has been that kind of year at the lake and fishing continues to be excellent for all species.  In addition, striper fishing has just improved dramatically this past week.   Lake Powell Fish Report – May 15, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3636 Water Temperature 65-72 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Forgive Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report May 10, 2012

Photo Caption. Ed Feller (right) and his favorite brother Jeff fished together at Hite. Trolling for stripers was good, but smallmouth bass fishing was better.  They had a great fishing trip which will make great memories.  Now is the time to take the family fishing at Lake Powell Lake Powell Fish Report – May 10, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 64-72 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   For another week Lake Powell’s water level is stable and temperature remains in the low 60’s which is Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report May 6, 2012

Lake Powell Elevation: 3635.94 Smallmouth action is at it’s best and stripers are on hold as for as the “anchovie” bite goes.  Top water action is only a month out and it shows to be excellent.  Stumbled across a few Walleye this week as well which is always excellent. Capt. Bill

Lake Powell Fishing 3-30-12

Lake Powell Elevation: 3635.29 Water temps vary from areas on Lake from 54-60 degrees throughout the day. Largemouth have moved into the shallows to spawn in stained water. Smallmouth have moved to clear water close to the back of canyons.  Schoolie stripers are still on the submerged tree lines in the back of canyons.  Crappie are beginning to nest in the backs of canyons.  Smallmouth, largemouth, stripers and crappie were all caught yesterday on our Charter.


Photo caption:  Brian Hammond, Page, AZ,  caught a brown trout in Padre Bay. The bigger surprise is that more brown trout and a rainbow have been recently caught. Looks like bunch of trout were washed downstream last year with the big flood. It will be a very interesting year to fish at Lake Powell.   Lake Powell Fish Report – March 21, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 50-57 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Imagine my surprise when checking the water level to find out that Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 6-13-11

Lake Powell Elevation: 3633.61 Water Temp: 72 degrees Ron Lenhart, Bass Angler of the Year 1995 – see video Stripers continue to feed on channel points mid Lake Powell to the Dam. Smallmouth are being caught in depths of 20-25′ range on points and rock piles. Walleye can be caught trolling 15-30′ on the tree lines and shore lines. Fishing is excellent right now! Capt. Bill To schedule a trip of your own or just ask questions, contact us using either our contact form or Read More +