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Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustavson 3/26/14

Photo:  Bill McBurney reported catching an 19 pound striped bass while fly fishing in the southern lake this past week. Striped bass are coming shallower in warming water making them easier to catch by trolling and casting.   Lake Powell Fishing Report March 26, 2014 Lake Elevation: 3575 Water Temperature 52-60 F The weather is warming but the changes are subtle.  On calm warm days surface temperature spikes from 50 up to 60 degrees or higher.  The cold winter water is still below so warm Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 1-1-14

Lake Powell Elevation:  3584.24 Was able to get out New Years Day and had a great day. Schoolie Stripers can be had on fly and conventional angling with out the storm fronts every week. If high pressure ridges continue to be the norm the bite just gets better. The schoolie size Striper 12 oz to 2 lb in size are feisty strikers and fighters on the Fly Rod and light tackle and the are the very best in table fare. Normally we typically do not book Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing 4-25 through 27, 2013

  If a picture says 1000 words….the following will definitely give you the “scoop” of what is happening at Lake Powell.  Fishing remains at it’s tops in years both conventional and fly fishing.  It will remain that way indefinitely this summer.  My customers are having 15-20 fish catches on half day and 30-40- fish on a full day charter individually.  Bass are on the beds and water temperatures are running 62 degrees.  Customers have asked about Walleye, their occasional at best this year but can Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing December 2012

Lake Powell winter Florida Style Fishing for “hefty” Stripers Bait fishing is done.  Fly, spin and trolling is now the ticket.  Fly Fishing the tree line is best and boat placement wind and light is very important.  Fly Rods recommend:  7-8 wt. medium fast action- 20′ medium sink line or full clear fluorocarbon 6′ leaders 20lb test (1x) 3″ chartreuse clausers. Spin:  6.5-7′ medium action spin/bait cast – 15 lb. fluorocarbon or fluocarbon leader attached.  Reaction baits that will dive 10′ (chartreuse & white) and Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing 9-30-12

Leanne from CO 9-27-12 Lake Powell Elevation:  3621.62 Water Temp:  72 in a.m. and high of 76 in p.m. Fly Fishing  chumming Florida Style for the fly fisherman is excellent right now for small stripers 1-3 lbs.  A few lunkers on the 250-300 grain sink tip in the 30ft. range if y ou can get by the “smallies”.  If you are an avid fly fishermen right now is the time to get to Lake Powell.  Yesterday’s angler caught some excellent fish on the fly rod. Conventional Read More +

Bill’s Corner 2-26-12- Where are the best stripers right now?

Often I am asked during off seasons where is good fishing right now?  I always try to give my customers since 1979 the best information even if it is not where I am guiding.  A “good guide” should do this. Southwestern AZ Lakes like Havasu and Mohave are good fly an spin opportunities right now between Spring storm fronts for Fly fishing.  Try the south end of Havasu around Havasu Springs with a 7-8 wt rod and 15-20 sink trip 200 grain line with a Read More +

Bill’s Corner 2-13-12- Teasing the Fish on Lake Powell

On Lake Powell (as I learned in Florida) we like to tease our fish!  Recipe?  Bait & Switch  – for fly casters and short throwers: Take one zara spook (large) and remove the hooks, drill a small hole in the mouth and fill with enough water to let the plug still barely float.  Load the lure on a medium spin rod with 4-6 lb fluro line and you can cast this rocket 300+ feet to schools out from the boat.  Stripers will hold and chase your Read More +