Lake Powell Fishing Report June 4, 2017 by Capt. Bill McBurney

Mark & Caleb June 3, 2017

Lake Powell Elevation: 3620
Water Temp: 75
Fly Fishing around points and also chumming them to the fly or lure (Florida Style) is still producting quality stripers. Large mouth and the biggers smallmouth are technical in 20′ or water where there is early nesting are now 20 plus feet under rising water.
Baits tipped with a night crawler will hlep and possibly add a few Walleye to your catch. Trolling cathcing stripers and some small mouth is working well early in the day. Best fishing is early as water temps continue to rise. Look for fish to move deeper near structures. Watch out for rocks with this higher run off this year.
Mark & Caleb fishing with me yesterday it was his first time fishing!
Tight lines,
Capt. Bill

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