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Now that quagga mussels have been detected in Lake Powell, we are developing an Extended Response Strategy that will shift our focus from keeping mussels out (prevention) to trying to keep mussels from leaving the lake (containment) and infesting other bodies of water. This strategy is supported by the Western states.

We hope to implement this new strategy by mid-May, but in the meantime we will no longer require the green mussel-free certificate for incoming vessels, and will no longer restrict ramp hours.  Fee staff, AIS rangers, and others who interact with the boating public should continue to emphasize the clean, drain, and dry message to both incoming and especially outgoing vessels.

We are working diligently to provide more details and have things in place by Memorial Day weekend and appreciate your patience as we make this transition. We will not make a public announcement as this is an interim step that will not inconvenience boaters, but if you have questions please contact Denise Shultz at 608-6351.


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