Why Visit Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a Reservoir that was created once the 710 Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966. It can retain 27 million-acre feet at full pool. With its massive 1900 miles of shore line it is longer than the entire
West Coast of the United States. The lake and surrounding area is a geological wonder of the world and is part of the upper reaches of the Grand Canyon.

Within Lake Powell is a host of majestic canyons that you can visit while on Lake Powell along with many
beaches. At every turn you see the rock formations that have been here for years. Each canyon is
different and holds a different view of Lake Powell. The southern end of Lake Powell extends all the way
up to the San Juan arm of the Colorado River.

Lake Powell is the #1 Visitor stop for Domestic and International visitors. As a favorite for our fishing,
boating, houseboats, camping and kayaks just seeing once is never enough for our visitors.
Come visit Lake Powell and make “A Memory that lasts a lifetime”.

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