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Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustavson 5-08-13

  Lake Powell Fish Report – May 8, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3596 Water Temperature 59-65 F By: Wayne Gustaveson One week after the spring fishing peak and fishing is still good. A lingering cold front has slowed fishing for bass slightly but stripers continue to eat bait in the southern lake. One disturbing note is that lake level is still going down making it uncertain that the lake will raise much during the normal runoff period.  There is still time but the runoff is slow Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5-15-12

Photo:  Ryan Mosley and Lowell Marthe, Dutch John UT, caught a mixed bag of species while fishing Lake Powell.  Here they hold stripers and walleye but they also caught crappie and smallmouth in abundance. It has been that kind of year at the lake and fishing continues to be excellent for all species.  In addition, striper fishing has just improved dramatically this past week.   Lake Powell Fish Report – May 15, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3636 Water Temperature 65-72 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Forgive Read More +

Lake Powell May 13, 2012

  Lake Powell has produced some of the best Walleye Fishing this year I have ever seen.  All my guests have been catching and the size are 3+ lbs.  Water temps have reach 72 degrees which is now beginning to show Stripers on the top “slurping”.  This is what we have been waiting for.   Judy was as the Shad Rally and one of the “participants” caught 101 stripers on his boat.  Lots of smallmouth are still being caught.  Stripers are gaining size and weight and Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report May 6, 2012

Lake Powell Elevation: 3635.94 Smallmouth action is at it’s best and stripers are on hold as for as the “anchovie” bite goes.  Top water action is only a month out and it shows to be excellent.  Stumbled across a few Walleye this week as well which is always excellent. Capt. Bill

Lake Powell Fishing Report for May 1st, 2012

  Photo Caption: Ray Young, retired fishing guide from Page AZ,  caught a 15.4 pound striped bass in Navajo Canyon using a whole anchovy on a slow trolling rig about 2 hours after dark. Stripers are nearing the spawn which makes them active at night and dormant during the day. Trophy fish are more likely to be caught at night during May. Lake Powell Fish Report – May 1, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 64-66 F By: Wayne Gustaveson On Hold!   Lake Powell Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report April 18, 2012 – Wayne Gustavson

Photo Caption: Autumn and dad Dave McQuitty caught a 5-lb Striper trolling with a deep diving white bomber near mud line at Hite. Stripers are fat and healthy but the big news is about large and smallmouth bass moving into the shallows to spawn.   Lake Powell Fish Report – April 18, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 55-65 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Bass Return to Beds It is the third week of April and true to form bass are returning to the shallows to Read More +