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Lake Powell Striper Fishing January 2017

Dear Anglers,   Winter is setting in and the striper fishing has remained good with trolling, casting and fly fishing too.  What is good?  Well somedays a few to dozens using your favorite way to fish.  Either way it is all artificial as bait will not be for some time.  I would look for March or until April.  It is hard to say as weather dictates it all anyway. Spring is booking up early and that is good news as that is what keeps a Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustavson 4-24-13

Lake Elevation: 3597 Water Temperature 53-60 F It’s a typical year as bass move on nest sites as the water warms and then pull off as water cools. If the home cove is protected from wind it stays warm and bass spawn.  If strong wind cools water then spawning is delayed until the next calm period. The big selling point for coming sooner rather than later to fish for spawning bass is lake level. The lake is stabilizing, ready to start filling. Sight fishing is Read More +