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Lake Powell Fishing Report 8-28-12

My Catch – 7 of the 15 and nothing under 5 lbs. The Juvenile stripers on top at Lake Powell.  Early morning and evenings .  The 5+ pounders are below 20-40′ and the bigger ones yet somewhere in the mix of the bigger fish.  Each day brings a different approach to things especially with water temps, cloud cover, wind and sun as everything effects the feeding pattern.  There has to be food for these elements to work where the anglers and fish become one.  For the latest video Read More +

Wayne’s Words May 29, 2012 – Slurps Start

    Lake Powell Fish Report – May 29, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3636 Water Temperature 63-70 Striped bass fishing is now perking up.  The spawn is over allowing adult stripers to focus on finding food instead of spawning.   “Food” is quite small as shad, their primary forage item, are less than an inch long.  These tiny shad live very near the surface so stripers skim the surface to effectively feed on their tiny prey.  These surface feeding (slurps) events can be readily observed by anglers.  Read More +