Lake Powell Stripers on Lower End of Lake

Dear Bill,

Why are the stripers non existent on the lower half of Lake Powell this time of year but the upper half is producing fish? 

Angler Jason

Dear Jason,

Is isn’t that there are not stripers on the lower end as it has more do with the oxygen and nutrient and bait fish.  When the Colorado River, Green River and San Juan and many tributaries open up their flood gates to the Spring run off it creates massive inflow current for a couple of months and that triggers a balancing act with all types of wild life “especially” fish.  When the fish begin to head back down to the lower end you will have the birds and other animals close behind after the Lake and huge temps level off the fish catching will improve dramatically on the lower end.  I suspect this will start happening in September and October as the nights cool the surface temperatures down. 

Thanks for the question

Capt. Bill

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