Lake Powell Operation 2022 Update – Please read

Trips for 2022 designed for the dropping water levels which have eliminated all short cuts to the whole lake body of water (Lake Powell).  Lake Powell is becoming a river again.  All the islands are now connected to the perimeter of shoreline desert making all destinations longer.  What does this mean for your business to operate?
This is a major shift to operations and its cost to operate and still catch fish and enjoy the beauty of this experience.  We know the extra cost to fuel and added time to motor up Lake Powell and added time will be our biggest challenge, so we have been forced to change our menu hopefully to accommodate the best service for many adventures while visiting Lake Powell.

First off, due to the water temperatures and it’s effect to fishing catching methods will change accordingly.  We will start with our spring when the water hits 60′ to 74″.  This will be a good time for all fishing artificial for smallmouth especially and few large mouth along with some Walleye too.  (Note:  We do not know what the impact to size of all species – as for bait fish they will loose alot of cover due to lower water conditions).

Anchovy fishing should remain good for table fare with the smaller schoolies, as the older hold over fishing will be skinny and dying.  The super big fish might be more readily available for trolling but that is a wait and see.  After water temps rise to the 80’s, everything will have to go deeper so it’s a wait and see.  If the snow runoff  is good, it could improve our time frame surprise to “good catching too”.

I will be updating on this page for any new information as I get it.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions – Call me on my cell at 928-606-0933.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Bill McBurney


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