Lake Powell Fishing Report October 9, 2022 by Capt. Bill McBurney


Great catch!



Lake Powell Elevation:  3530.32
Water Temp: 78 Degrees

Dear Anglers

It is feast or famine but the best is “it’s still fishing” on beautiful Lake Powell.  Last two weeks before the full moon, the early morning top water bite on popper, zara spoks and fly’s from 5:30 a.m. to 7’ish has been excellent with little exceptions being just not fortunate to locate the action.  There in lies the key of observing the bird activity, the sun and shaded areas and then the luck factor applies too!.

I reocmmend anyone today who thinks they know Lake Powell, to get reaquainted as even seasoned Guides can share the close calls to what is creeping up from beneath the surface.  It is going to be the complete Colorado River almost experience again each year coming.  It will also recycle and change alot of fishing habitat and feeding to all species and a much needed die off is expected and only nature will readjust the results.  The Environmental arm is concerned about the large mouth and smallmouth bass taking hold of the River portion  will eat the suckers and protected chubs.  they eliminated the trophy rainbows to being the problem only to restock them 20 years later and now have a bounty on the brown trout as the culprit!

Rest Assured there will be another hundred million dollars in Pell Grants to save a warm water species in a cold water encironment so lets hope someday commen sense conservation comes back to the classroom of America (just my personal opinion).


Just come recent photos of our customers!

Come on up and get your angling on at Lake Powell

Tight Lines,

Capt. Bill McBurney

Nice Catch!

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