Lake Powell Fishing Report August 7, 2016 by Capt. Bill McBurney

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Lake Powell Elevation 3617.43

Lake Powell water is 84 degrees in the shad which means you to be patient and persistent over deep water anchovie fishing 50-100′ and then it is a soft pressure bite mainly.  Lake Powell is at a good level for shad to take refuge in the bush and the back of canyons.  I anticipate a good Fall and Winter for catching stripers.  Smallmouth in the the hot weather are around the 25-40 feet depth and you want the bait scratching the bottom slowly all the way back to the board before you cast again and that is a soft pressure bite too. Walleye are in hiding at least on this end of the pond so you will not even think of them till next Spring.  We have had productive fishing last year right up to Christmas with jigging and some fly fishing as well. 


From Glen Canyon Recreation:


This is a correction to the previous notification and confirms that the release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for August 2016 will be 900,000 acre-feet.  Hourly and daily average releases from Glen Canyon Dam for August 2016 will be scheduled through Western Area Power Administration to be consistent with the Glen Canyon Dam Operating Criteria (Federal Register, Volume 62, No. 41, March 3, 1997) and to also achieve, as nearly as is practicable, this monthly volume.  Hourly releases during August 2016 are anticipated to fluctuate between approximately 10,000 cfs in the nighttime and 18,000 cfs in the daytime.


We anticipate the release volume for September 2016 will be approximately 700,000 acre-feet with daily fluctuations between approximately 8,500 cfs and 14,500 cfs.  The anticipated release volume for October 2016 is 600,000 acre-feet with daily fluctuations between approximately 7,000 cfs and 13,000 cfs.  This will be confirmed in a subsequent notification toward the end of August.

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