Lake Powell Fishing 9-16-10

This past week with my guests was the best Lake Powell has to offer.  My guests for 3 days fished a total of 12 hours and caught 95 fish.  They caught the 16lb that is featured on Waynes Words and their average catch was between 2-7 lbs.  For all you bait fishermen from now till it cools down is the time to get to Lake Powell and get your catch for the Winter Dinners.  I sent home a huge cooler of fish for my guests.  Bring cooler and I will filet and put on ice if you are here more than a day.  The weather is great right now and crowds are thinning out.  If you have questions, feel free to call me and remember, we provide the rods…if you choose not to bring.  Fish On Capt. Bill

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