Lake Powell Fall Fishing August 29, 2021 by Capt. Bill McBurney



Dear Anglers,

The Good News:

Nothing but questions marks for the time being as we are all waiting for Labor Day and cooler water temperatures to drop that trigger bait fish to migrate to cover they now do not have as far to to go.  This all new for us Fishing Guides as well and I am not stating where to find the fish  but the scouting and learning the topography to the shoreline and beneath will be for us and old school Fishing Experience.  Yes on the electronics more so far hazards Never er before seen on should I say have hit!!!!

Fishing conditions vary as the normal cycle is still in play with dying schools of old stripers suspended around 50-100′ and deeper while currently fishing over these schools with anchovies we are averaging 20-40 caught for 2 anglers with a biting window around 3-4 hours depending on moon phases and traffic.  About 1/3 of the fish are sizable keepers for the table and the Guide does the selecting.  As Lake Powell recedes another projected 30+ feet by next April, the river portion and the techniques will be exciting due to a new Lake Powell and fish and fish being schooled up in new places.

Normally we start a scouting sessions in March to be dialed in by April 1 for our guests up to 50 miles out.  Why 50 some say?  this is because that is where alot of anglers are already camped on in these houseboats or tents and we have e tried to have it covered near and far for a good reasons.  We will be scouting and sampling all Winter with hopes for for good healthier and a robust economy for all and the opportunity to share and show you the great landscape that is changing before our eyes opening up new visits and wonders never remembers and never seen plus the changes to fishing in “new territory”.

As you can see from the picture above, this is the current temporary dock which will be replaced hopefully after Labor Day which will be be between Wahweap and Stateline restoring the original “Legacy Ramp”.  There currently is no dock, so 2 people definitely required. 4 wheel drive  and you can motor over to the Houseboat Dock and pick up the rest of your party.  Please note, do not load your boat with all your equipment at bottom as there is only 1 lane and it is holding up the other anglers as well.  Load at the top and come launch and let someone else get in quickly.  We have had many hanging people up not following protocol.

If  your schedule allow, come on up this Fall and we are still seeing fish.  Book if you can as our boat is loaded with new tackle and always stocked with tackle for fly fishing, trolling, bait and cast and spin.  As always, call Judy for a 15% discount on selected hotels in the area as well.

Tigh Lines,

Capt. Bill

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