Bill’s Corner 1-15-12

Striper Boils "In the West" Best Success!

Other than the usual networking of good guides and a reliable "tackle store", you have to be looking at your surroundings as soon as you see water and that is "at the ramp".  Most anglers are just as jazzed at heading up Lake especially if they own a fast fishing machine.  Then they start fishing…."oops".

Here on Lake Powell, Herons, Ravens, Gulls and Coyotes are the main players when hitting striper boils that a lot of time have a lot of bass species with them as well.  If you are the dock and there is a coyote watching a few ravens shoreline, I would wait at least 30 minutes to what could be ready to bust open and feed there without wasting a $$$$ in fuel and running up Lake.  If you do head up Lake, check out your surroundings for better success.

Captain Bill


About Bill McBurney

Captain Bill is an award-winning fishing guide in Arizona. He has been providing quality experiences for both novice and proficient anglers for more than 25 years. He is US Coast Guard and AZ Game & Fish licensed, and holds a CUA Permit with Glen Canyon National Park Service. Bill is a former host of a TV series featuring world renowned anglers and fishing techniques.