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Lake Powell Fishing Report – Capt. Bill 9-6-16

Marie from Conneticut 9-3-16 Water Temps: 75-78 Lake Powell Elevation:3613.45     Striper boils on south end are like playing poker “luck of the draw”. It is best to leave very early and beeline it to the mouth of the San Juan and give it your best. I am catching some nice smallmouth mornings tube fishing and starting to fly fish and spin over stripers and chumming for them. I am guessing another 3-4 weeks for boiling action to improve but still a wait and Read More +

Lake Powell Entrance Fees May 2015

From Glen Canyon During the public comment period, the park received 34 formal comments. While the majority of comments supported an increase, some people felt that the originally proposed increase was too high. In response to public comments, the park modified the proposal to reduce the fee schedule and phase implementation. For the schedule of fee increase implementation, please see the table below: Entrance Fees Current Fees Effective June, 1 2015 Effective January 1, 2016 Annual Pass $30 $40 $50 Private Vehicle Entrance  $15 $20 $25 Individual Entrance $7 $10 $12 Motorcycle Entrance $10 $15 $20 Boating Permits Current Fees Effective Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustavson 7-23-13

Lake Powell Fish Report – July 23, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3595 Water Temperature 79-84 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Photo Caption: Ryan Mosley and Eric Axlund took all the kids fishing at Glen Canyon Dam and found great success catching lots of stripers on bait. Kids love to catch fix quickly with no down time and that is what is happening right now.  Bait fishing is the best technique and striped bass and catfish are the two most active species. Lake Powell Fish Report – Read More +