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Lake Powell Fishing Report by Bill McBurney 4/4/14

Fished yesterday at #lakepowell  here  is a short report: Responding to anchovies the Dam but better quality of fish in the backs of Canyons and they respond better to trollers and casters. Quality  fish will sniff/nibble anchovies but tend to move away but I suspect will get better by late April with warmer water. You will have to hunt harder for bigger and fatter fish this year due to the lowers water and stressed bait reproduction.  They can be found just takes patience and persistence. Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report May 6, 2012

Lake Powell Elevation: 3635.94 Smallmouth action is at it’s best and stripers are on hold as for as the “anchovie” bite goes.  Top water action is only a month out and it shows to be excellent.  Stumbled across a few Walleye this week as well which is always excellent. Capt. Bill